Wetlander bottom paint on a camo jonboat courtesy of Drew Penso

Wetlander is the best bottom coating for a jon boat

Jon boats are one of the most common and user friendly boats available.  They are utilized by waterfowl hunters, crawfish and rice farmers, and fishermen in all climates.  And at Wetlander, we have coated THOUSANDS of them in North America.

This page highlights Wetlander on jon boats specifically; For much more in-depth information on Wetlander, go to the main Wetlander site -> WETLANDER.COM

A simple jonboat can get you through some of the nastiest veg-choked waterways, stretches of pudding’ mud and back country trails imaginable.  But if you are running your jonboat with a bare aluminum hull, you are missing out on the potential speed increases, and higher performance that Wetlander has to offer.  By coating your boat with Wetlander, you will turn your sticky, mud grabbing aluminum hull into a super slick missile that can shoot through the dense floating plants and thick water faster than you ever thought possible.

Wetlander is super slick.  Which means your jonboat can slide over dry land and hidden obstacles allowing you the freedom to go virtually anywhere.  Check out this Wetlander-coated flat bottom jon….

After a Wetlander paint job, your jon boat will slip through the water faster and smoother than ever before…

“Bought wetlander of you 2 years ago for my jon boat and never got around to sending you a picture of the final look.
Used wetlander on bottom/nose and about 4 inches up the sides and the buoyancy pods. Went from about 14mph to about 20-21 in choppy water.
Can’t thank you guys anymore for selling such a great product.”  Drew Penso, OH
“This product is AMAZING!! I used it on a Alumacraft tunnel hull. About to order some for my canoe.” – Brent

“Your product is flipping amazing!!! Wish I would have had this wonderfully slippery substance on my boats of past !!!… Thanks for a great product, bro!!!” “Indiana” Rob, IN

“I took the boat out this weekend for the first time with Wetlander on the bottom. I loaded it on the trailer off the blocks it was on with ease, the last 3 feet I just winched the boat onto the runners and it slid so easy, what used to take two hands to turn the winch I could do with 3 fingers. I backed the boat into the water and backward winched the boat off the trailer, I had to hang onto the front of the boat in order to remove winch strap, once it was off, the boat just slid backwards into the water and floated off on its own…major improvement from before. I had three adult guys in boat and full fishing gear, each guy weighed about 225 lbs so I was kinda nervous about my speed test. Before the bottom coating I was clocking in around 28-29 mph with just myself, tackle bag and rods. With the three adults I was hitting 31.7 on a smooth lake, and almost 35 mph with just myself on a choppy, windy lake!! I am estimating a 5-6 mph speed increase just from Wetlander. It also seemed like I had way less cavitation in chop after bottom coating, however this will have to be further tested but so far so good, I am very happy with results.” -posted by ‘BNTS’ on Tin Boats Forum (Thread title- Wetlander Coating for JetJon)


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“Scott: I just wanted to drop you a short note to tell what a GREAT product Wetlander is. As an avid outdoorsman I spend a lot of my free time fishing and hunting in remote and hard to get to areas. Last year I applied Wetlander to the bottom of my hunting and fishing metal boats and it made it a whole lot easier to transport them to open water. Once I reached my planned destination my boats glided across the surface of the water like never before. My only regret is not learning about Wetlander a whole lot sooner. Thanks again.”   Jim McElheny, NY

“Wow!  What a fantastic product.  I refurbished my 1996 SeaArk this summer and coated the bottom with the Wetlander product.  It looks great, was easy to apply and really helps the boat cut through the water.  Scott Hogan and the good folks at Wetlander really know what they’re doing. I would recommend their product to anyone.” –Dan, North Carolina

“Much easier to push off dirt & gravel! Pretty happy with the Wetlander so far. Between fishing, hunting, and going to the cabin I put about 40 hours on this summer, and things seem to be holding up just fine. Like I said off gravel, boat trailer etc it is much easier.” -post from ‘Hoyt‘ (outdoorsdirectory.com/forum/alaska-boating)

Wetlander slick coating on jonboat in Alaska caribou hunt

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